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According to the 2004 National Organization on Disability/Harris survey, described in the case study: In the Eye of the Perfect Storm: Creating Accessibility - IBM, GM, and Cisco, people with disabilities are at a ‘critical disadvantage' compared to people without disabilities. Considering the ADA legislation of 1990 intended to improve the lives of those with disabilities: why do you think people with disabilities are still at such a disadvantage?

For this discussion, you must state your position and supporting rationale. You also must respond to the positions and rationales posted by the other students and to the questions/comments posted in response to your comments. You are expected to check the discussion and post substantive comments/questions at least two-three times per week (at appropriate intervals) to participate fully in this discussion. Remember, discussions are designed to be student-moderated -- i.e., you are responsible for helping one another work through the discussion. I will be checking in frequently but I'm here primarily as a guide and will post comments only when necessary.

Reference no: EM13799722

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