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Question 1: Do you believe it was ethical for the United States to apply restrictions on servicemen and women under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"? Based on this course's discussion of military ethics and Just War theory, is it ethical for the U.S. military to ban certain Americans from military service? Now that the 1994 National Defense Authorization Act was repealed in September 2011, what are the military readiness and unit morale concerns with regards to allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military?

Question 2: In "'We aren't here to do the decent thing;: Saving Private Ryan and the Morality of War," William Prior discusses some of the major themes from the movie focusing on four perspectives in moral conflict and three approaches to resolving these moral conflicts.

Identify which approach you believe is the most morally correct for resolving the common conflicts about the morality of war. Why do you think this is the best approach? Support your answer with theory or evidence from this course as well as your personal beliefs?

Reference no: EM13967261

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