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It is difficult to compare the size of a nation’s economy to the size of a multinational corporation (MNC), as it is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. However, by almost any measure, whether comparing GDP or revenues, it would appear that, were MNCs countries, a significant number of them would eclipse the economies of the majority of the world’s nations. What are the impacts of this, whether political, economic, cultural, or otherwise? Should we be concerned? If so, what steps might be taken to mitigate the negative consequences? Conversely, what positive impacts might be derived and how might we capitalize on them?

Reference no: EM131112716

Monopolists demand curve and the cost information

The table below shows a monopolist’s demand curve and the cost information for the production of its good. What will their profits equal? Quantity: 10,20,30,40 Price per unit:

What is the growth rate of real GDP per capita

Suppose an economy's real GDP is $50,000 in year 1 and $53,500 in year 2. What is the growth rate of its real GDP between year 1 and year 2? Assume that population is 100 in y

Think the attitudes and bargaining behaviors

Do you think the attitudes and bargaining behaviors of the participants in collective bargaining negotiations are more or less important in the final outcome than economic con

Different inflation rate

In 2011, the CPI increased by 1.4%, the GDP price index increased by 1.2% and the PCE increased by 1.8%, we can see all are increases, but why does each one of these measure g

Explain how the internet changing the music industry

Explain how the Internet changing the music industry. Explain what role do households play in the market for inputs and explain what role firms play. Students arriving late to

Write the equation for the consumers budget line

A consumer must divide $600 between consumption of products X and product Y. The relevant market prices are Px = $10 and Py = $40. Write the equation for the consumer's budget

Due to inflationary pressures

Due to inflationary pressures, the national income of households has been spread across a higher overall price base for goods and services. How will this affect be shown in an

The generalized demand and supply functions for good

The generalized demand and supply functions for good X are Qxd = 100 – 2PX + 0.01M + 8 PY - 4Pz Qxs = 50 + 3PX – 6PI + PT Where Qxd = quantity demanded of good X Px = price of


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