Name and describe the elements of a company''s microenvironm

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1.Name and describe the elements of a company's microenvironment and given and example illustrating why each is important?

2. List some of the demographic trends or intrest to markets in Belize and discuss whether these trends pose opportunities or threats from marketers? 

3. Discuss current trends in the economic environment of which marketers must be aware?

4. How should marketers respond to the changing environment? 

Reference no: EM13747414

Environmental marketing and sustainable marketing

Compare and contrast the following terms: societal marketing, social marketing, ecological marketing, green marketing and environmental marketing, and sustainable marketi

Explain detailed explanation to marketing strategy

Explain Detailed Explanation to marketing strategy and That is to say you are to assume that you will be free to start a one-person business and are to examine yourself

What would the volume be if the product were priced

Let's say that volume is not constant but is relatively inelastic (the elasticity equals -.5). One option is to price it at $20 for a demand of 5000 units per year. What w

What kind of marketing materials do you anticipate

What kind of marketing materials do you anticipate and what do you envision for their design? (Youneed not create a poster but you must describe what you think the marketing

What are the building blocks

What are the building blocks? How do you as future physicians interact with each of these so called building blocks? What are the key components of a well function system?

A consumer is an active participant in service

Describe a real-life scenario in which a consumer is an active participant in service. What consequences might a manager face in this situation? Explain in 200 words or more

Discounts to consumers

Supermarkets sell a limited selection of goods at deep discounts to consumers who pay membership fees. Supermarkets are located near residential areas and are open long hours

What motivational theories are most relevant in each country

Determine which of the three countries is most likely to have higher job satisfaction and motivation among employees. What motivational theories are most relevant in each co


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