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1. As the corporate treasurer, you must have $65,000 to purchase a new machine two years from today. Your company investments have been yielding 10% annually, compounded quarterly. How much will you have to invest today to have $65,000 in two years?

Select one:

A. $53,349

B. $54,719

C. $55,262

D. $56,543

2. Lou Lewis borrows $100,000 to be repaid over 10 years at 6 pecent. How much total interest will be paid over the life of this loan?

Select one:

A. $35,868

B. $37,764

C. $39,742

D. $41,885

3. Mr. Jones plans to invest $500 per month for the next five years in a mutual fund averaging an annual return of 10%. At the end of the five years, Mr. Jones wants to invest the entire amount to yield 8% for 10 years. If all goes according to plan, how much will Mr. Jones have 15 years from now!

Select one:

A. $17,444

B. $38,719

C. $57,983

D. $83,590

Reference no: EM131082508

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