Must there be an immediate possibility of criminal activity

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Must there be an immediate possibility of criminal activity to justify a stop, or would a possibility of criminal activity at some time in the future suffice? What about when an officer has reasonable suspicion of criminal activity as to a past crime?

Reference no: EM131434695

Deliberately avoid attempting to obtain consent

Is it proper for a law enforcement officer to deliberately avoid attempting to obtain consent to search from the defendant and instead attempt to obtain consent from someone w

What roles has it played in the daoist religion

Describe how to make a successful business case, contrasting faith-, fear-, and fact-based arguments. Cite your sources. Explain the role of compensation surveys. Why is it im

The global nature of human resources

As you read through the chapters in your text and the documents in this module, think about your organization's involvement in the global economy. Does your organization have

Variance analysis and balanced scorecards

Use the Internet and/or Strayer Learning Resource Center to research a company that has implemented a balanced scorecard system for evaluating performance. Suggest at least tw

More effectively utilize social media to better target

Select a brand from a major company of your choice and research the company’s social media marketing strategies. Carefully examine the social media presence for the product. i

Professional judgment is made up of a persons values

Professional Judgment is made up of a person’s values, ethics, attitudes and knowledge of the accounting profession. KPMG, a big four accounting firm, has developed a framewor

Firm could effectively address competitors price increase

What can you do to improve your performance and others through human performance, leadership, and influence? Discuss three ways in which a firm could effectively address a com

Business uses differentiated marketing strategy

A business uses a differentiated marketing strategy when it targets more than one market segment for its product. The book provides two examples of this; Prada generally marke


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