Musical appreciation

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Musical appreciation

please watch the video of Holst's Jupiter using the provided link and write a 300-400 word musical description of the piece using the Introduction to the Elements of Music in your textbook as a guide (pp. 1-15). Below are several questions that I would like you to answer briefly. Of course, you can expand upon these questions as needed and, while I don't expect you to know all of the answers, I do expect you to make educated guesses and write in your own words.
Please write in full sentences and write more creatively than just providing simple answers. Begin the essay with an introductory sentence or paragraph and finish with a concluding sentence or paragraph.
Submit your essay using the Turnitin link provided in the Unit II folder on Blackboard.
• Would you say the opening melody of this song uses conjunct or disjunct motion? Is this opening melody the only melody in the piece? If not, is it repeated anywhere else in the piece?
• Do you think this song is based on a duple rhythmic pattern (patterns of 2 or 4) or a triple rhythmic pattern (patterns of 3)? You may find this difficult but give it your best shot.
• Would you classify the overall harmonies of the piece as consonant or dissonant? Can you explain why?
• Do you think the texture of the song is monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic, or some combination of the three? Using the descriptions in your textbook, explain your choice.
• Using the dynamics listed on p. 10 of your textbook, how would you describe the dynamics of the piece? Does the piece maintain one dynamic or does it change?
• Is the form of the piece clear? There are several small sections to this piece, but is there an overall sense of structure. Can you hear larger portions of the piece that are generally fast or slow?
• How are the terms repetition, contrast, and variation apparent in the piece? (see p. 11 in your textbook)
• What instruments or types of ensembles are used for the performance?
History (this will require a tiny amount of research - please acknowledge your sources and please use something other than wikipedia).
• When did Holst live? What were his birth and death years?
• During which musical period did he live? 

Reference no: EM13754605

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