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Case Study 1: Municipal WiFi - Hot or Not?

A number of U.S. cities have launched municipal WiFi networks over the past few years. Research three deployments, anywhere in the world, and compare the networks in terms of architecture, applications, cost to the consumer, and success.

Subjects Covered: Consumers, Customer relations, Information technology, Innovation, Internet, Market research, Marketing strategy, Pricing, Product introduction, Telecommunications industry.

In Case Study 1, focus on the following issues:
Applications for the service
Cost of the service for the users and the cost to the city for deployment
What factors influenced the success or failure of the project

Case Study 2:

Bayton is small Midwestern city of 30, 000 people. The town is located on Lake Michigan and supports a large 600 slip marina that is adjacent to the downtown business district. The downtown has been in decline for the past 15 years. There are a few restaurants, but most of the buildings are boarded up. A number of economic development projects have been tried in the past, but nothing seems to stick. However, there is small historic district surrounding the downtown that has been moderately successful in attracting some "urban pioneers" who have purchased old historic homes and performed renovations.

A telecommunications consultant has proposed a municipal WiFi network for the downtown and marina. The consultant claims that this network will bring in businesses and spark a redevelopment of the downtown. It could also be used to connect mobile public service personnel such as police, firefighters, and the water department. The signal would blanket the marina, downtown, and offer some penetration into the historic district. The consultant is seeking a $50,000 commitment from the city to cover the initial cost of equipment and deployment and would negotiate a yearly maintenance contract. The consultant claims that new businesses, increased traffic at the marina, and the savings on the public service network would offset the cost of the network.

Currently, Internet access is available downtown through Comcast and AT&T DSL There is an adequate 3G wireless footprint throughout the city. The marina is not served by Comcast or a telco DSL service.

You are a local IT professional and the mayor has asked you to evaluate this proposal and make a recommendation to the city council. Use the information obtained in Case Study 1 to support your decision.

Reference no: EM13928988

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