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Functional Modeling Part I. A Real Estate Inc. (AREI) sells houses. People who want to sell their houses sign a contract with AREI and provide information on their house to an AREI agent. This information is kept in a database by AREI and a subset of this information is sent to the citywide Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by all the regional real estate agents. AREI works with two types of potential buyers. Some buyers have an interest in one specific house. In this case, AREI prints information from its database, which the AREI agent uses to help show the house to the buyer (a process beyond the scope of the system to be modeled). Other buyers seek AREI’s advice in finding a house that meets their needs. In this case, the buyer completes a buyer information form that is entered into a buyer database by an agent, and AREI agents use its information to search AREI’s database and the MLS for houses that meet the buyer’s needs. The results of these searches are printed and used to help the real estate agent show houses to the buyer. Draw the use case diagram for the AREI system described above.

Part II. Create the activity diagram with swimlanes for the real estate system described above.

Part III. Complete a use case point worksheet to estimate the effort to build such an application. Assume that 1 use cases are of Simple type, 2 is of Average type, and the rest are of Complex type.

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