Multifactor basis with dollars as the common denominator

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George Kyparisis makes bearing balls in the Miami plant. With recent increases in his costs, he has a newfound interest in efficiency. George is interested in determining the productivity of his organization. He would like to know if his organization is maintaining the manufacturing average of a 3% increase in productivity. He has the following data representing a month from last year and a equivalent month this year. Units produced last year 1,200 now 1,200 cost per input Unit Labor (hours) last year 300 Now 275 Cost per Input unit $12 per hour Resin (pounds) last year 50 now 45 Cost per input unit $6 per pound. Capital Invested ($) last year 10,000 now 11,000 cost per input unit 2% per month. Energy (BTU) last year 2,900 now 2,750 cost per Input unit $0.60 per BTU.

The percent change in production for one month last year versus one month this year on a multifactor basis with dollars as the common denominator = %

Reference no: EM13756660

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