Moving a business unit and corporate hq to another country

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A major MNE has incredible knowledge resources but they are often underutilized. The reason: often the knowledge that is needed within one part of the organization exists within that organization but normally there is no system by which those who need info can identify and obtain that info from those who have it.

Write a paper on moving a corporate headquarters overseas. 

Address the following in your paper:


  • What are the drawbacks and benefits associated with moving a business unit and corporate HQ to another country?
  • If you were a CEO or a business unit head, under what conditions would you consider moving HQ?
  • If you were a government official in the MNE’s home country, what can you do to discourage such moves of multinational HQ out of the country

Words Limit: 1000

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The knowledge from HQ expands the writing skills and understanding. That is why HQ is categorized bbased on the two fundamental components that it has i.e. top administration with official area. Furthermore, identifiabble physical area is based one the progression of HQ capacities with formal obligation. The third component for the corporate HQ, is the enlisment of the MNC in a foreign country with existing legitimate substance making up MNC gatheirng together hence making all these components be co-founded with partition being seen.Making of shell holding at the coastal areas is a big problem for an organization as a result of assessment of points of interest or ttaking corporate works far away from the traditional focus for some reasons can be trajic. Therefore, along that line in which the HQ can be conceptualized for its situtaion in foreign countries.

Reference no: EM131299965

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