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1. Motivational Theories Exercise

Review the different motivational theories in Chapter 2 and address each of the following assignment requirements:

  • Choose three motivational theories and write a brief summary about each one. 
  • Write a brief analysis in which you compare and contrast these three theories. 
  • Explain how managers can use motivation theories to motivate employees.

The completed assignment should be at least 1 page.

2. Your personal characteristics influence your perceptions, attitudes, and interpersonal behavior. This assignment will help you determine your individual personality type to help guide your interactions with others:

  • Complete Question 2 of "Check your Understanding" on page 109. 
  • Take at least two of the personality tests located at Queendom (Links to an external site.).
  • Write a paper in which you address the following prompts: 
    • Summarize the results of each test and explain what your strongest and weakest traits are. 
    • Compare and contrast the results from the two personality tests. 
      • Do they contradict or confirm one another? 
      • How can knowing one's personality type affect how they work with others? 
      • How can it help improve one's leadership skills?

The completed assignment should be at least 1 page.


Hegar, K. W. (2012). Modern human relations at work (11th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western.

Reference no: EM131354743

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