Most significant things you learned about group counseling

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Write a personal reflection APA paper (400-750 words) summarizing the following:

1. Most significant things you learned about group counseling in this course.

2. This course has helped me a lot. Since I started this class, I started working at a rehab facility. I went from working with children to working with adults. I have also have had the opportunity to lead a couple of groups, and hopefully continue to lead more. This class has help me learn how to handle certain situations. How to talk with people in and out of groups.

3. Most significant things you learned about yourself as a potential group leader.

4. Specific skills and experiences that you believe you need to develop in order to be a competent group counselor, based on your current strengths, weaknesses, and prior experience.

5. Your areas of greatest confidence and lack of confidence when you think about leading counseling groups.

6. Types of groups you might enjoy leading in your future career as a counselor.

Reference no: EM131119139

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