Most people consider facts to be important when those facts

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1. According to Paul and Elder, most people watch the news for this reason.

a. They want their own beliefs to be praised.

b. They want to know the facts.

c. They want to broaden their minds.

d. They want to learn about the issues that are important in the world.

2. Critical consumers of the news are hard to manipulate because they do all of the following EXCEPT:

a. analyze news stories as a blend of fact and interpretation.

b. notice which implications are ignored and which are in focus.

c. notice that the truth is rarely distorted by news agencies.

d. understand various perspectives that contradict those that are presented in the story.

3. For Saint-Laurent, most people adopt a certain religion in which of the following ways?

a. By being born into a social environment in which people practice a specific religion.

b. By being chosen by God to be a follower.

c. By being forced to believe in a religion.

d. By choosing a religion after reflection on various problems.

4. Most people consider facts to be important when those facts:

a. deal with people from distant places who suffer.

b. affect their own living conditions.

c. affect the living conditions of those in different classes in society.

d. represent alternative viewpoints to their own.

5. When constructing a news story for an audience, those who create the story are motivated by:

a. a desire to educate their audiences.

b. how to relate the story to the beliefs of the audience.

c. the best way to present the facts.

d. a goal of being fair to all sides involved in the story.

6. In order to be economically successful, the stories in the news media must do what?

a. Sell the media effectively

b. Present the facts of a story

c. Represent multiple views on an issue

d. Package the material in an objective fashion

7. According to Saint-Laurent, humans pursue religion:

a. to obtain peace in an afterlife.

b. to give their lives meaning.

c. because they are fundamentally afraid.

d. in order to avoid punishment.

8. According to William Graham Sumner, a critical society would be one in which the citizens would have all of the following attributes EXCEPT which of the following?

a. They would be slow to believe.

b. They would be able to resist appeals to their prejudices.

c. They would hold their own beliefs as probable.

d. They would try to get other societies to become critical societies.

9. Mass media producers have sympathies that distort their objectivity. All of the following are groups to which the media are sympathetic EXCEPT the __________.

a. advertisers

b. government

c. suffering

d. competitors

10. In order to obtain information from a story that is filled with propaganda, a person must do which of the following?

a. Analyze it from his or her own perspective.

b. See if it agrees with common wisdom of the day.

c. Seek other sources that mirror the same viewpoint.

d. Analyze the story with a clear understanding of the point of view that lies underneath it.

Reference no: EM13961953

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