Morrell corporation disposed of two computers

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Prepare journal entries to record these transactions:

(a) Morrell Corporation disposed of two computers at the end of their useful lives. The computers had cost $ 4,800 and their Accumulated Depreciation was $ 4,800. No residual value was received.

(b) Assume the same information as (a), except that Accumulated Depreciation, updated to the date of disposal, was $ 3,600.  

Reference no: EM13868197

Forming the business as a partnership

Provide a summary to the partners, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of forming the business as a partnership and the advantages and disadvantages of forming as a c

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Better Food Company recently acquired an olive oil processing company that has an annual capacity of 2,000,000 liters and that processed and sold 1,400,000 liters last year

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On June 29, 2014, machinery included in the March 31, 2013, purchase that cost $100,000 was sold for $80,000.Herzog uses the straight line depreciation method for buildings an

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The company estimates that it will be unable to collect 2% of accounts receivable. The net realizable of accounts receivable on the December 31, 2010 balance sheet will be:

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Analyze inventory valuation methods discussed in the textbook. Based on your analysis, recommend the most accurate valuation method that reflects current economic conditions

Declining-balance process of depreciation

A company that changes from the declining-balance method of depreciation for previously recorded assets to the straight-line method should report the change as a(n)

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Both Grant and Sherman pursued a new type of warfare. Explain the change in strategy these men employed. Note a battle or campaign in which each man used this new strategy.

Resources in the center for writing excellence

Other than WritePointSM, what three resources in the Center for Writing Excellence do you find useful? Describe these resources, and explain how you might use them in future


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