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Assignment - Case 5 Nestle

Mini-Case Study Assignment:  Case 5- Nestlé: More Trouble in the Baby Market Directions

This case details one of the most famous public relation (PR) challenges of the recent past and helps demonstrate the complicating factors when the issues involve more than one country. Analyze the problem Nestlé encountered and its public relations response. How would you evaluate the company's PR response? Was it effective?


With this question, you are required to demonstrate your analytical, integrative, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Thus, your discussion will be divided in 3 paragraphs.

Paragraph I- Write to show that Nestlé felt it had a winning product H.A. in the US Market in Germany. What decisions does Nestlé made and what was their implication to the PR and the resulting boycott? List at list 3 decisions and explain how they affected its product marketing strategy?

Paragraph II- Discuss the PR response by Nestlé; was it adequate why or why not? What was the company's initial response? And what was its response to press reports such as Wall Street Journal interview? What could have been the PR debacle if the social media was in use?

Paragraph III-Discuss further actions to address the issue and present your recommendation(s) to conclude your analysis.

Reference no: EM131389018

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