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More labor resources—What is the evidence for the United States and Japan? Look for Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey and click the Most Requested Statistics icon. Find U.S. civilian employment data for the last 10 years. How many more workers were there at the end of the 10-year period than at the beginning? Next, return to the Detailed Statistics page. Use the Most Requested Statistics icon next to Foreign Labor Statistics (it's under Productivity and Technology) to find total employment growth in Japan over the last 10 years. In which of the two countries did "more labor resources" have the greatest impact in shifting the nation's production possibilities curve outward over the 10-year period?

Reference no: EM13832469

Change in demand or change in quantity demanded

Recent data show an increase in retail gasoline prices of 40% and reduction in consumption of 2%. Does this imply a change in demand or change in quantity demanded? Explain.

Ronnie operates a lawn-care service

Ronnie operates a lawn-care service. On each day, the cost of mowing the first lawn is $10, the cost of mowing the second Lawn is $12, and the cost of mowing the third lawn

Compare and contrast the political and economic differences

compare and contrast the political and economic differences of at least two countries (for example India and the United States); and 4) discuss what managers can do to suc

Ways of knowing are ceremonial and instrumental

According to Institutionalists the two ways of knowing are ceremonial and instrumental. Explain the differences between these ways of knowing and explain how they inform the a

Addition to service quality and dependability

From 1989 to 1991 the Trump Shuttle and the Pan Am Shuttle battled for market share on the Boston/New York and Washington DC/New York routes.  In addition to service quality

Net gain to free trade according to economic theory

It is no secret that China has a large trade surplus with the United States. Our open and large markets are very attractive to manufacturers all across the globe. Is it in the

Receiving wage increases with reductions in employment

Along a linear demand curve, elasticity _____ as the quantity of labor rises. Labor unions will be more successful in receiving wage increases with smaller reductions in emplo

Using the bond market graphs

In 2010 and 2011, the government of Greece risked defaulting on its debt due to a severe budget crisis. Show, using the bond market graphs, the effect on the risk premium betw


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