Moral duty to choose between the lesser of evils

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In terms utilitarian ethics, discuss the moral issues at stake in the famous so-called Trolley Problem as related in the eText and also Michael Sandel’s Harvard lecture where “you are beside a train track with a train headed down the track. However, on the track ahead are five people who will all be killed if the train continues. But you also have access to a switch, and if you pull it the train will be diverted onto another track where there is only one person”. Do you think that this type of moral choice between the lesser of evils as in this Trolley Problem is realistic to what we might face in our everyday lives or places of employment? Do you think there is such a thing as a moral duty to choose between the lesser of evils? Why or why not? Can you give an example to support your point?

Reference no: EM132280644

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