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Show in python, prompt the user to enter sales figures for each month of the year. Use a loop to prompt and store the results in an array. Once all 12 months data is entered then loop through the array and calculated the total sales for the year and the monthly average for the year.

Reference no: EM132183885

Tradeoffs involved to improve overall system performance

What are your thoughts on the tradeoffs involved when attempting to improve overall system performance. Provide examples where an increase in the performance of one resou

Object-oriented design to design a parent class called book

Use object-oriented design to design a parent class called Book that will receive the ISBN, author, title and price of a book, and select and print records for all books

Discuss the market segmentation approaches

Identify and discuss the market segmentation approaches you believe are most relevant for Subaru. Why are these important to the marketing strategy for Subaru's product offeri

When linear probing is used to resolve collisions

1) Consider a hash table of size 7 with hash function h(k) = k mod 7. Draw the hash table after inserting in it, in the given order, the following values into the table: 14,

Advancements in computer hardware technology

One of the most significant advancements in computer hardware technology was the discovery of the transistor. Give a brief history of the transistor, compare and contrast th

Connection between the observed outcomes and probabilities

In probabilistic models, the probabilities are always considered to be known. However, in one experiment we may observe the outcomes but not the corresponding probabilities.

Huge amounts of resources on data over the years

Your organizations has invested huge amounts of resources on Data over the years. There are many databases, legacy systems, reporting applications, mix of in-house developed

Outline the design of an authentication scheme

Outline the design of an authentication scheme that 'learns.' The authentication scheme would start with certain primitive information about a user, such as name and passwor


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