Monoamines have been associated with-multiple sclerosis

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1) Emma has multiple sclerosis. If you could view her nervoussystem you would find

        a lack of neurotransmittersin some neurons
        areas where the myelin sheathhas degenerated
        areas where the dendrites areseverely damaged
        a reduction in the number ofchloride ions in her peripheral nervous system

2) Leonard's mother became dehydrated during a recent illness, andthe levels of sodium in her body were significantly reduced. Ifenough sodium was lost you might expect that

        her nervous system wouldbecome highly activated and action potentials would begenerated    continuously
        fewer action potentials wouldoccur in her nervous system
        more neurotransmitters wouldbe produced in her terminal buttons
        glial cells would start todegenerate and die

3) If inhibitory postsynaptic potentials did not exist

        it would be "easier" for aneuron to fire its action potential
        it would be "harder" for aneuron to fire its action potential
        there would not be any effecton the ease at which a neuron fires its action potential
        it would be impossible forneural impulses to travel across the synapse

4) When nicotine acts on the brain it acts like acetylcholine andbinds to ACh receptor sites causing postsynaptic potentials.Nicotine is

        an antagonist
        an agonist
        a monoamine
        a reuptake agent

5) Monoamines have been associated with all of the following except

        aggressive behavior
        pain reduction

6) A good analogy for the way in which a neurotransmitter binds toreceptor sites is

        the opening and closing of awindow
        a key fitting in the lock ofa door
        the lowering of adrawbridge
        the pulling of the trigger ofa gun

Reference no: EM13532333

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