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Task 1:

Note this is my last attempt and the whole assignment should be APA referenced and there are two tasks each need to be 1500 word and everything should be clearly explained and do in the sequence hope a good job

Case Study Selection Instructions

The purpose of this Assessment is to allow you to actively demonstrate the ability to monitor and evaluate the marketing activities that are being implemented by businesses in the current environment.

To ensure that there is sufficient information that you can readily access regarding the Marketing Mix strategies and activities that need to be analysed, it is advisable that the business/organisation you select for your Case Study has the following characteristics:

• Large or medium size organisation
• Operates either locally , nationally or a multinational corporation
• Visible marketing activities that can be easily identified ( product, pricing, placement and promotion)
• Competes effectively within the industry in which it operates Examples of this could be:
• Harvey Norman(my suggested)
• Ford Motors (my suggested)
• Apple
• Samsung
• Facebook
• Google
• Tourism

Task 2:

Part 1. Secondary Research

The purpose of this Assessment is to allow you to actively demonstrate the ability to monitor and evaluate

The marketing activities that are being implemented by businesses in the current environment

To effectively evaluate performance, it is common practice to conduct research on target markets and

Competitors to set a benchmark or indicator of the extent to which the marketing plan and accompanying

Activities are contributing positively to the business.

For this part of the task, you will be required to conduct secondary research in the following areas:

• the types of consumers and target audiences that the business is marketing to

• Direct competitors that have similar characteristics as the business your selected ( i.e. the same Type of product/promotion strategy or same target markets)

• Identify the roles of direct and non-direct marketing personnel as well as the resources that will be Involved in the monitoring, implementation and evaluation of marketing activities.

Reference no: EM13937736

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