Moment of inertia about her rotation axis

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A diver comes off a board with arms straight up and legs straight down, giving her a moment of inertia about her rotation axis of 19.5 kg · m2. She then tucks into a small ball, decreasing this moment of inertia to 3.65 kg · m2. While tucked, she makes two complete revolutions in 1.0 s. If she hadn't tucked at all, how many revolutions would she have made in the 2.00 s from board to water?

Reference no: EM13536912

What is the spring stiffness constant of the spring

A 1300-kg car rolling on a horizontal surface has speed v = 50km/h when it strikes a horizontal coiled spring and is brought to rest in a distance of 2.2m. What is the sprin

Obtain the angle through which the part rotates

A machine part rotates at an angular speed of 0.44 rad/s; its speed is then increased to 1.5 rad/s at an angular acceleration of 0.78 rad/s2. Find the angle through which th

What is the wavelength of the x rays in nanometers

An x-ray beam of a certain wavelength is incident on a crystal, at 31.3° to a certain family of reflecting planes of spacing 41.4 pm. what is the wavelength of the x rays in

Laboratory workers safely and efficiently

How would you devise a workflow to ensure that the specimen was correctly identified and the laboratory workers safely and efficiently worked with the specimen collected?

Find the magnitude of the unknown magnetic field

A 0.200 T magnetic field is directed along the positive x axis. A magnetic field of unknown magnitude acts along the positive y axis, Find the magnitude of the unknown magnet

Find how far does putty-block system compress the spring

A 0.480 kg block is attached to a horizontal spring that is at its equilibrium length, and whose force constant is 24.0 N/m. How far does the putty-block system compress the s

Determine the period of the oscillation of the system

A horizontal mass-spring system undergoes simple harmonicoscillation ( no friction). the mass on teh spring is 12 kg and hasmax speed of 2.75m/s. determine the period of the

Expect the plummeting fragment

1. Due to friction with the Earth's atmosphere, a large static electric charge could build up on a plummeting asteroid fragment. Would you expect the fragment to generate a


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