Molecular weight of a molecule

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Which of the following statements about the molecular weight of a molecule are true? Check all that apply it is equal to the number of atoms in the molecule, it is equal to the number of covalent bonds in the molecule, it is useful for calculating concentration, It is measured n atomic mass units, it is equal to the sum of the atomic weights

Reference no: EM131366319

Activation of the macrophage

After phagocytosis of a pathogen, the phagosome becomes very acidic with the pH dropping to between 3.5 and four. However, some of the enzymes are important to kill pathogens

Explanations of gender differences in health

One of the theoretical perspectives, functionalism analyze  explanations of gender differences in health. What do you think about their views? What do the critics think?

Describe the effects of human activity on plants

Explain how ecosystem degradation and loss results from human society. Describe the effects of human activity on plants, animals, and ecosystem dynamics, and provide specific

Descent of these animals-create table of fundamental traits

Construct a cladogram that accurately depicts the branching of the evolutionary lines of descent of these animals and create a table of fundamental traits for these six anim

Cellular machinery underlying learning and memory

You are a scientist, trying to work out the biological basis for learning and memory, and things havent been progressing so well lately. You decie its time to stop simply obse

Calculate how much water heterothermia saves

We have already been introduced to the heat of vaporization of water which equals 2404.2 kJ/liter, i.e. it takes 2404.2 kJ of heat to convert a liter of water into vapor.

Content of the vibrio cholerae genome

If the G content of the Vibrio cholerae genome (4 million base pairs) is 12%, how many times would the restriction enzyme PstI cut the DNA? The recognition site for PstI is 5'

Calculate the probability of a bb person

What would be the ratio of brown-eyed to blue-eyed people in the world and calculate the probability of two BB people having a blue-eyed child. Calculate the probability of


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