Molecular mechanism for skeletal muscle contraction

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1. Outline the molecular mechanism for skeletal muscle contraction. At what point is ATP used and why?

2. Explain why rigor mortis occurs

Reference no: EM132280158

Why is dna sometimes refered to as a palindrome

Do any of your suspect samples appear to have EcoRI or Pstl recognition sites at the same location as the DNA from the crime scene? If so which suspects and what are the ban

Underdetermined diagnosis in difficult cases

He was puzzled, combative, and he refuses to drink any water or any liquid. He lived on Oct. 7th, 1849. While said to the man's name, the student thought "Nevermore!" What was

Find the genotypes of parents in the cross

Assume you are studying the inheritance of flower color and seed color in navy beans and the yellow flower color is dominant over white and white seed color is dominant over b

Identify the organisms in an unknown culture

Your instructor asks you to isolate and identify the organisms in an unknown culture.  You find that the culture contains two gram-negative bacilli that produce swarming col

Define particular bacterium had two dna molecules

particular bacterium had two DNA molecules in it, one that was 450 kilobases and one that was 550 kilobases, how would you decide if it had one chromosome and one plasmid, o

Component of plasma membrane

Consider a plant cell that makes a particular protein that is a necessary component of its plasma membrane. Trace the pathway this protein will take, beginning with its synt

Define a perfectly hard boiled egg

Define a perfectly hard boiled egg,  what are some errors than can occure when you are bililing 12 eggs 3 in each pan and each pan boils for a different amount of time, and yo

Different types of normal tissues in the human body

Different types of normal tissues in the human body have different mitotic indices. From the following list, which normal tissues would you expect to have the highest mitoti


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