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Choose an organizational development concept or theory from our readings and discussions. In a five to seven page paper, build out the theory by applying it to an organization of your choice.

  • Be thorough as you apply the concept or theory to your organization.
  • Be sure to clearly identify the organization problem or issue and work through the chosen theory as you apply it to the organization.
  • You are expected to incorporate at least one of the following course objectives in your short paper:
    • Evaluate definitions, theories, and models of corporate culture
    • Identify the roles and relationships corporate culture has in organizational performance
    • Use a systems perspective in analyzing organizational conditions
    • Evaluate theories and models for managing change in organizations
    • Identify common barriers to effective change management
    • Prescribe appropriate OD strategies and techniques in applied settings

Your paper should be five to seven pages long, excluding cover and reference pages. Please follow APA guidelines for citations, quotations, and references, and use at least five scholarly resources that are dated within the last ten years. You are strongly encouraged to use the required and reserved readings in this course, as well as peer-reviewed journal articles found through the UMUC library. Research methodology and problem analysis will be emphasized in the grading of this assignment.

Reference no: EM131433267

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