Modellling the current and future landscapes

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Using models like the above we can model current and future landscapes E.g. models for future forest types. Here is where parameters like global change, CO2 etc. are entered into the equation. How do ecosystems change with succession?

Reference no: EM1382107

Quantitative-qualitative and mixed studies

Analyze the ways in which theory is used for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed studies. Why isn't theory used the same way for all research?

Anarchy hierarchy continuum level of analysis

The anarchy hierarchy continuum Level of analysis Interests what do states want? Universality Normative-distribution of power Variants of 3rd image Systemic levels Human nat

English speakers face in united states

What challenges and opportunities do non-English speakers face in the United States? In schools? In the workplace or workforce? In other everyday environments?

Conflict-functionalist perspective of prostitution

Conflict theory is Marxist-based theory that views individuals and groups in society as having unequal amounts of resources (both material and nonmaterial). Due to this ineq

Rebuttal of the opposing position

what form of government you would choose and why. Include the opposing position along with your rebuttal of that opposing position. Use at least three sources to support you

National government education policies

In 200-250 words, briefly summarize the national government's education policies. Explain the main pros and cons in the debate about these policies. Evaluate them from two p

Pros and cons in the debate about amendment

What the proposed amendment would do and the problem its proponents say it will solve. Explain the main pros and cons in the debate about the amendment. Evaluate the propose

Rational emotive theory for social science research

Need assistance with a Practice theory that I've chosen to write a project paper on. The theory that I've chosen for the paper is Rational emotive theory.


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