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MOD004453 Leadership and Change - Anglia Ruskin University

Learning outcome 1: Knowledge and Understanding: Critically evaluate classical and contemporary leadership theories and assess their relevance for leadership within C21st organisations

Learning outcome 2: Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills: Critically reflect on their own personal effectiveness and development as a leader in preparation for a more senior role within the organisation

Learning outcome 3: Knowledge and Understanding: Demonstrate a critical awareness of the principles of change and the change process

Learning outcome 4: Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills: Analyse and evaluate the roles of the change agent, change management roles and techniques.You are required to:

- Critically reflect on your own effectiveness as a leader.

- Produce recommendations for your own personal leadership development.

The reflection and recommendations should focus on one or two broad aspects of leadership (see the content list for the module as a guide to the various possibilities). Your reflection should ideally focus on current leadership experience and/or that of the recent past (i.e. the last two years).

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This is a reflective paper in which the leadership style that is being subjected we tried to reflect on the fact that leadership does not consistently consider the guidance and objectives of supporting individuals; it is a mission, based on the thinking and direction of the leaders. We have focussed on the aspect that shows Leadership is the capacity to observe, predict and affect others. As the Leadership works with a strategy or long-term agenda we have referred to a goal associated with this analysis that is a critical study of leadership philosophies and paradigms.

Reference no: EM132805962

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management Report 1500words will you be able to do it. Kindly find attachment below. Things to consider: 1. Critical reflection not description 2.Leadership within organisation concept, classic and contemporary theories of leadership practice, emotional and cultural intelligence and Leadership, Organisation power and politics.

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