Minor changes in a firm''s strategic direction

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This was the original question, it's been answered. Just a reference for you to help with the follow up three questions that are highlighted, please have citation and reference

"Corporate leaders often encounter cynicism from employees when leaders announce that they are presenting a "new" mission or vision statement for the corporation.

Why do you think employees react in this way? What can leaders do to avoid this skeptical reaction on the part of employees and ensure that the new vision/mission is embraced?"

The three highlighted follow-up questions need to be elaborated on. Just one paragraph per question along with citation and reference using APA guidelines. Thanks in advance.

1. In what ways, do you believe the pace of change is accelerating and putting pressure on managers to make major and minor changes in a firm's strategic direction?

You say that its when employees react from the inconsistency of the managers. Even though the managers have the inconsistency, question...

2. Do you think that the statements need to be changed to stay "in tune" so to say with the times, Or to stay current with the changes in the market place.

3. When the company is thinking about changing these statements do you think also that they should tell their employees so that they know what is coming and it is not a shock to them all.

Reference no: EM131010724

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