Minimize the occurence of hate crimes

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1. Make a profile of the typical individual who commits hate crimes.

2. Who are some targets and/or victims of hate crimes?

3. What are some of the causes and effects of these crimes?

4. What actions can be taken to minimize the occurence of hate crimes?

Reference no: EM1384914

Discrimination and oppression case study

Kevin goes to clean out his locker after he was fired from being a manager and returns his apron and gate pass so that he may receive his final paycheck. As he goes to his l

Single rectangular sedimentation basin

A single rectangular sedimentation basin is to be designed to treat a water flow of 1.5 MGD at the design overflow rate of 900 gpd/ ft^2.

Decentralization-moving power

The evolution of environmental management has been moving toward decentralization, moving power to the states and cities.

Estimating the steady state pm10 concentration

Estimate the steady state PM10 concentration assuming a PM10 deposition velocity of 0.12 cm/s, prevailing wind velocity of 2.5 m/s, and a constant emission flux of PM10 0.82

Benefited american organizations

Discuss how globalization has changed the way American companies are doing business. In what ways do you believe this change has benefited American organizations and/or their

Coefficient of friction when tension constant

The tension is a constant 31.0 and the coefficient of friction is 0.210. Use work and energy to find Paul's speed after being pulled 3.30 .

Disabled american veterans

Socialize some of the major complaints and issues facing veterans. Are there cases of discrimination and corruption towards the services they are entitled to receive.

Value and credibility of the articles

In brief compare two articles in terms of the similarities and differences in their value and credibility. Discuss at least two conclusions that you drew about the value and c


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