Mimic symptoms of adhd in children

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It is important to children, especially those who have ADHD, to have some organization in their lives in order to thrive. In the school environment, this can be done by structuring the classroom and classroom activities to have less distractions from the room and the other children. This can also be done both at school and at home by creating behavioral management systems to reinforce positive study habits and behaviors. Exercise and eating habits can also affect hyperactivity. While medication use in children might be controversial, it is important to remember that ADHD (when diagnosed accurately) is characterized as a neurological disorder. Medication in combination with behavior therapy has proven the most effective in treatment of children and adults with ADHD.

Often times ADHD is diagnosed without consideration of other differential diagnoses. What are some other factors and diagnoses that may mimic symptoms of ADHD in children?

Reference no: EM1358461

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