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According to the Miller and Modigliani model dividened policy is irrelevant. However, there are numerous factors in the real world that violate the MM assumptions. What are some of the reasons for favoring a high dividend policy and reasons for favoring a low dividend policy?

Reference no: EM1337563

Annualized rate of return to the swiss investor

Suppose 6 months ago a Swiss investor bought a 6-month U.S. Treasury bill at a price of $9,708.74, with a maturity value of $10,000. The exchange rate at that time was 1.420

What is rrr estimated stock price per share

RRR Inc. has $1,000,000 in debt. Using free cash flows and WACC and a estimated growth rate, you calculate the total value of the firm to be $2,000,000. If there are 100,000

Value of the option to wait

Should Wilson's decide to wait one year to commence this project, the initial cost will increase by 5% and there is a 70 percent probability that cash inflows will increase

Relationship in earnings per share and the lebel of ebit

Cain Auto Supplies and Able Auto Parts are competitors in aftermarket for auto supplies. The seperate capital structures for Cain and Able are listed below;

Compounded monthly on loan

You owe $4510 in 7 months, $3780 in 13 months and $5125 in 21 months. You are paying 8.64% compounded monthly on your loan. What single amount 3 months from now will pay off

Briefly explain what inflation targeting

Briefly explain what inflation targeting is and list the five (5) main elements related to it. Then discuss the four (4) advantages and three (3) disadvantages of this type

Assessing a firm performance

Why is return on equity one of the key financial ratios used for assessing a firm's performance?. If a firm's ROE is low and management wants to improve it, explain how usi

What effect would rising rates have upon the wacc

If Fed decides to raise interest rates next year, what effect would rising rates have upon the following Consumer financing for big-ticket items such as autos and homes.


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