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Over a period of two years, average income in Collegetown increased from $1,000 to $1,400. During the same period, the quantity of pizza demanded increased from 6,000 per month to 10,000 per month. Assuming everything else constant, use the midpoint method to calculate (show your work) the income elasticity of demand for pizza in Collegetown.

Reference no: EM131089609

Compute the lerner index for the monopoly described

What is the resulting deadweight loss relative to the competitive outcome. Compute the Lerner Index for the monopoly described in the question above.

Most important source of state tax revenue is the sales tax

About one out of every ten dollars of federal government spending goes toward interest on the national debt. The most important source of local tax revenue is income tax. The

Socially efficient equilibrium price and quantity of coal

Suppose the inverse demand for coal is estimated to be P = 75 - 0.6Q, where P is the price of coal and Q is the quantity demanded. The supply of coal is given by P = 0.3Q. Sup

Regarding the expenditure multiplier effect

Participate in a discussion with your classmates regarding the expenditure multiplier effect within your local community, state, or region which magnifies or multiplies expend

The greatest victories of Progressive reformers

The right to vote of women is easily one of the greatest victories of Progressive reformers. Since women represented just over 50% of the population, it's fair to say that unt

Briefly explain the different types of unemployment

Briefly explain the different types of Unemployment? What is relationship between inflation and unemployment? A country has 245.9 million of working-age population, out of whi

Estimate beta or systematic risk of dell

Estimate Beta or systematic risk of Dell; Assume that the risk free rate is 4% (i.e. RF = 4% ) and the return on market portfolio is 10% (Rm = 10% ) use CAPM to calculate th

Consider the problem of carbon dioxide emissions

Consider the problem of carbon dioxide emissions. We will abstract from the complexity of the problem slightly, assuming there are polluters and consumers in two regions, the


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