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Lydia went out of town and wanted someone to feed her pet. Joe told me he gave her cat food. He has no reason to lie, and so I believe him. So, Joe gave Lydia cat food. That's a bizarre going away gift. So Joe gives very strange gifts.

What can be best said of the flaw in this argument?

a. The word 'bizarre' is vague. It can mean 'very strange' and it can mean 'a Middle Eastern market'

b. It's an appeal to unqualified authority. Joe has reason to lie about his generosity with cat food.

c. The argument contains a use-mention confusion. Joe was mentioning 'gave her cat food' not using the phrase

d. The phrase 'gave her cat food' is ambiguous. In one use it means 'gave food to Lydia's cat' and in another use it means 'gave cat food to Lydia.'

Reference no: EM131077472

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