Microwave photonic notch filter
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Paper Topic: Microwave Photonic Notch Filter

Si3N4 ring resonator-based microwave photonic . notch filter with an ultrahigh peak rejection

Microwave photonic (MWP) notch filter can be compared as the analogue of Band stop filter using electrical circuits. As name suggests, it is filter which supress or stop the passage of signal at certain range or specific frequency. MWP notch filter is explored excellently in removing the undesired signals making it efficient applicants in wireless communication, radar, radio astronomy. The ability to be tuned over many gigahertz maintaining high scale resolution (MHz), high selectivity and restriction to electromagnetic interference puts it as a better option than many electrical filters. One of the important components of filter is the filter itself which is made to pass the desired signal through. Researchers have developed many type of filters for this purpose working on different principle such as Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) based filter (example: chalcogenide waveguide), based on LiTaO3 WGM resonators and ring resonators which have been used in this paper.

Write your report that must include: -

  • Introduction
  • Principle and techniques
  • Experimental Methods
  • Novel Notch filter
  • Results and Measurements
  • Challenges
  • Conclusion and Future Perspectives
  • References  




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A efficient method is implemented to get away the trade-off between bandwidth and peak rejection using low loss Si3N4 ring resonator as MWP notch filter. The Novel scheme showed the peak rejection of greater than 55 dB in the range of 247 to 840 MHz. The Reported technique is observed to be impressive alternative than conventional SSB based filter.The filter (Si3N4 ring resonator) achieved a comparable resolution and peak rejection to state-of-the-art RF notch filters.

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