Microsoft has been a giant in the software industry

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Microsoft has been a giant in the software industry. Can we define Microsoft as a monopoly? Please explain. In addition, whether the Learner Index works well to define the market power for Microsoft in the software industry? Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM132184361

Describe the basic programming process involved

There are 10 parts in a full hopper. As parts leave, keep track of the number of parts remaining in the hopper 10. Describe the basic programming process involved in the cas

Why should we consider a dbms to manage data

Answer the following questions with your own answers and thoughts. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET, GOOGLE, OR ANY OTHER WEB SOURCE. You may use your notes and book ONLY. Copy and p

Write a conversion program that prompts the user

Write a conversion program that prompts the user from which unit she/he wants to convert (gallon to liters, miles to Km, celsius to fahrenheit) . You should write three diff

Exception error and explain potential implications

Select a Java program that contains an exception error. The exception error can be one that you have encountered yourself or one you located using the Internet. Describe you

Explain worst possible reports from system

Imagine worst possible reports from a system. What is wrong with them? Write as many problems as you can. What are the consequences of such reports?

Impact of environmental changes on organization financial

Suppose that an organization did not use processes that were designed and built to be agile, particularly when it comes to IS / IT technologies. Predict the impact of enviro

Key ingredient in a business success

As you have stated, " the right location is a key ingredient in a business's success." Please list two factors and explain how they impact service companies' location strate

What is primary security risk users acknowledge using macros

Write a 200- to 300-word response that answers the following question: Based on the article by Lenning (2005), what is a primary security risk that users should acknowled


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