Microbiology and industry in petroleum fuels

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Microbiology and Industry in Petroleum Fuels


You are the science reporter for your local newspaper. Your editor asks you to write an article on a major topic within the general field of microbiology. He stipulates that in this article you need to include the following three things:

  • An historical timeline for the major scientific discoveries that has led to our current understanding of the topic.
  • A summary of our current understanding of the topic.
  • A projection of where the next major advance or breakthrough in your topic will come from.


Using the topic, write a 2,200 word article for your newspaper following your editor's instructions. Your article should not just quote the research articles you have consulted, but convert them into language that is understood by non-scientists without losing the meaning.


Submit your project in one WORD document and place it in the appropriate assignment dropbox.

Please format your article according to APA style. Your article should have a cover page, abstract, and reference page. These pages do not count towards the length specified (2200 words).

Please number each page, including the cover page and provide a running head.

Reference no: EM13954207

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