Micro organisms
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Microorganisms are nature's original recyclers, converting toxic organic compounds to harmless products, often carbon dioxide and water. Microorganisms represent the richest molecular and chemical diversity in nature, as they comprise the most diverse forms of life.

This project report inhibits:-

1.      An introduction

2.      Aims and objectives of the study

3.      Review of the literature

4.      Materials and methods

5.      Samples required

6.      Isolation of plasmid DNA by Alkaline Lysis Method

  • Requirements
  • Procedure

7.      Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

  • Requirements
  • Procedures

8.      Transformation

  • Requirements
  • Procedure

9.      Results of each process

10.  Discussion

11.  Summary

12.  Conclusion

13.  Appendixes

14.  References

Bioremediation is a popular approach of cleaning up petroleum hydrocarbons because it is simple to maintain, leads to the destruction of contaminants, applicable over large areas and cost effective. Different genera of bacteria are known for their potential oil degradation in which they contain different degradative enzymes involved in the metabolism of hydrocarbons.

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