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You are to create a response in the form of a memo for business finance and accounting. You may re-create the examples from the textbooks using your own generic data. Your memo should be clear in explanation as well as succinct and detailed.

1. Balance Sheet

2. Income Statement

3. Operating Cash Flows

4. Statement of Retained Earnings

5. Net Working Capital

Reference no: EM13971831

Makes sense for a transnational organization

Do you think it makes sense for a transnational organization to have more than one headquarters? What might be some advantages associated with two headquarters, each respons

Please read the chapter of book kang r 2008 the internationa

Please read the chapter of book "Kang, R. (2008) 'The Internationalization Process of Chinese of Chinese Multinationals', in J.P Larcon (Ed), Chinese Multinationals, (pp. 77-9

Conduct in-depth research on the topic using

Conduct in-depth research on the topic using, at least, two primary sources, outside of the course textbook, as references. Compose your Case Study assignment deliverable as

Entries in this threaded discussion

After completing the EQ Appraisal and studying your results report, refer to the discussion questions on pages 247 -250 in the EQ 2.0 book. Consider these as the basis for y

Important information about cost leadership strategy

Important information about Cost leadership strategy - A company with a business-level strategy of cost leadership should pursue which of the following global expansion strate

Digital freedom without endangering the company

How can a company give employees more digital freedom without endangering the company? Explain in terms of specific tools such as Skype, Webcam videoconferencing, iPods, Fac

Control discrimination or disparate treatment of employees

Explain how can organizations control discrimination or disparate treatment of employees and how about discrimination or disparate treatment of the community/customers/stakeho

Hazard-high outrage type of risk communication

What is the key concept of Sandman's High Hazard/High Outrage type of risk communication? How should an organization best act and communicate in this type of crisis? What ty


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