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1. Individual states:

a. may not have civil rights acts that apply to employers exempt from Title VII

b. may have civil rights acts that apply to employers exempt from Title VII

c. may not have civil rights acts that protect additional classes of employees not covered by Title VII

d. may exempt employers from any Title VII regulation

2. A labor union had once been whites only but is now integrated. Its membership rules used to state that to obtain employment through the union you had to be related to or recommended by a union member. Such a rule would now be:

a. not illegal because segregation had been eliminated

b. not illegal because Title VII does not apply to unions

c. illegal because blacks who entered the union would be junior to whites in seniority

d. illegal because it would perpetuate past intentional discrimination

3. The pay that an employee would have earned from the date the discrimination began or the difference between the pay received and what should have been received is known as:

a. back pay

b. punitive damages

c. front pay

d. compensatory damages

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