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Using evidence from the text, answer the following in a well developed, unified, coherent 600-800 word essay (with intro, body, and conclusion). Use proper MLA parenthetical citations and a Works Cited list.

This essay exam requires you to analyze evidence from the text. Here is some advice on how to take the test:

Read the question carefully: Be sure that you respond to the specific question.

Outline your answer: Before you begin, write a skeleton outline, including your thesis statement and the main point of each paragraph.

Choose your evidence: For each body paragraph, choose one or two quotes that you plan to incorporate to support your idea. Write!

Be sure to follow your outline and use parenthetical citations as well as a Works Cited list.

ESSAY QUESTION: Discuss how at least three of the following writers meet the criteria of The New Negro as Locke characterized him. Claude McKay .Zora Neale Hurston .Jean Toomer .Langston Hughes

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Reference no: EM13874350

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