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Assume that you are asked to set up the IP address plan for a new facility that is a division of a larger, distributed organization. For the purposes of our discussions, let's consider the needs of a mid-sized medical outpatient office with 2-3 lab units and 6-10 suites of medical practice offices, employing 200-400 people. The IP address range assigned for use in this facility by the larger organization is172.22.128.0/20to172.22.192.255/20. The WAN side ports will use172.16.20.8/22and172.16.24.8/22.

Design an IP address plan that will make efficient use of this block of IP addresses within this facility. Assume that you do not need to provide any public addresses or external firewalls, and that all external traffic is sent via a private VPN connection to the home organization. A good design will include enough information on the underlying LANs to show how you intend to isolate the different classes of users, if needed.

Be sure to include allocations for the following types of endpoint devices:

Reference no: EM13992704

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