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While limiting the expression of MHC class II to so-called "professional" APCs partially ameliorates the problem of self non self recognition among CD4+ T cells, it remains difficult to understand how it is possible that even these cells' class II molecules are not deluged with processed "self" molecules (for example, albumin is present at extremely high quantities in the serum, so one might imagine that peptides from this alone would suffice to compete for any transiently present non-self proteins). What is/are the mechanisms that would afford enhanced processing or recognition of potentially dangerous molecules?

Reference no: EM13939571

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What affect might you expect the precipitation of hemoglobin S and the subsequent cell sickling to have on oxygen delivery in an individual with sickle cell disease?

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What is unusual about the potassium channel protein with respect to the protein folding rules for soluble proteins? Why does the potassium channel protein need to be differe

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Be sure to save an electronic copy of youranswer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwisestated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to u

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Do any of your suspect samples appear to have EcoRI or Pstl recognition sites at the same location as the DNA from the crime scene? If so which suspects and what are the ban

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What is the current U.S. population? What is the current world population? Considering those numbers, do you think the United States is in a population crisis? Do we have en

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Water is constantly lost from the body via sweat, secretions and other processes. These secretions include saliva and enzyme solutions secreted into food as it's processed i

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The rhythmic contractions of digestive system which pass the food through system are known as ______.   The chemical formed by the pancreas which helps to neutralize the con

Compare and contrast vegetative features

You do not need to trace the development of every single root and branch, but trace the development of roots and branches to two orders of branching (i.e., a branch attached


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