Measuring sales revenue that results from those efforts

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A marketer can measure how many people reach the website and through a particular online vehicle. How does a marketer take the measurement to the next step—measuring sales revenue that results from those efforts? Could it be as simple as dividing the number of "hits" by the sales revenue generated from those hits over a specific period of time?

Reference no: EM13966809

What data would be used to support this metric

Develop a listing of what you believe are the most important metrics for operations managers. (Hint: Be sure to consider the triple bottom line.) How does each metric support

Reduction in the optimal order quantity

In the production-run EOQ model, if usage and production/delivery rates are equal, there will be no inventory build up, and thus the order quantity cannot be calculated. Using

No refunds will be made under the terms of the contract

A signs a contract for snow skiing lessons and the contract read that it is “non cancel able” and that “no refunds will be made under the terms of the contract.” The ski lodge

Is the new soda contract enforce­able

In May, John agrees to work for Soda Sales Company at $800 per week for a year beginning June 1. The following January, Nancy Beverages, Inc., offers John the same work at $90

Manufactures components for major computer manufacturer

Your company manufactures components for a major computer manufacturer. Your products have had some persistent quality issues. The components are items such as on-off switches

What companies are involved in supply chain ethical issues

Explain the process implementation competitive strategies. Explain the steps of the risk management process and explain in detail. In your own words, explain a few different c

Considering introducing new consumer electronics product

A start-up firm is considering introducing a new consumer electronics product. If the product is introduced and the market is favorable for the product, then the firm will rec

Formulate an mip model

The Toys-R-4-U Company has developed two new toys for possible inclusion in its product line. Setting up the production facilities to begin production would cost $50,000 for t


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