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1. A behavior approach to measuring performance includes the assessment of competencies.  Briefly explain the difference between a threshold competency and a differentiating competency.

Choose a position in a typical company (i.e. customer service, sales person, IT help desk etc.; or for those of you that currently work, or have worked in the past, you can choose your own job).  Describe in some detail the threshold competencies and differentiating competencies for the position you chose.  What are the some of the indicators required to assess whether the competency is present?

2. One of the qualities of a good PM program is the adoption of a results approach to assessing performance.  Briefly discuss the three aspects of specific objectives that can be used to judge the extent to which an objective has been achieved.

A customer service representative for a major company could have several different roles and objectives.  How would you judge the performance of a customer service representative for each of the following roles using the three aspects of specific objectives:

- Responding to general customer questions about the company's products and services

- Cross selling products to customers either by reaching out (cold calling) existing customers or selling products/services during customer call requesting information

- Addressing general customer complaints and/or specific product/service issues customers may encounter

3. In absolute systems, supervisors provide evaluations of an employee's performance without making direct reference to other employees.  The text discusses the pros and cons of four different evaluations within an absolute system.  Briefly describe each evaluation; which one do you prefer and why?

Reference no: EM131418565

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