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1) The asian financial crisis provided some valuable lessons about nation-state and global financial systems what are some of those lessons?

2)  The basel || capital accord comprises a framework of three pillars. Pillars 1 established the minimum capital required by a commercial bank and incorporate three risk components credit risk, operational risk and market risk.

a) Define credit risk?

b) What approaches may be used to measure the credit risk capital adequetly component of pillar 1?

c) Using the standardised approach to credit risk, explain how a commercial bank will use this method to calculate its minimum capital requirement?

3) a) It may be argued that information is the life blood of an efficient stock market. Explain this propostion?

b) Within the context of the ASX, explain the requirement and purpose of continuous reporting?

c) Identify using examples five different pieces of information that are regarded as being material and therefore should be reported to the stock exchange?

4) In some countries, such as Australia, it is common for corporation to offer shareholder a dividend reinvestment scheme.

a) Explain how dividend reinvestment schemes operate and discuss their significance as a source of equity funding.

b) Discuss the advantages of a dividend reinvestment scheme from the point of view of the corporation and shareholder?

c) Under what circumstances might such schemes prove to be unattractive to the dividend-paying company?

5) Santos limited has declared a $0.45 cents per shave dividend, payable in one month. At the same time the company has decided to capitalise reserves through a one-for-three bonus issue. The current share price at the close of business on the final cum- dividend date is $14.70.

a) Explain the stratergy adopted by the company. In your answer define the terms cum-dividend and ex-dividend?

b) Calculate the theoretical price of the share after the bonus issue and the dividend payment have occurred?

6) A technical analyst has been charting movement in a share price and notices that the trend line has been rising for some time.

a) As the analyst, draw and label an uptrend line and a return line on the chart. Explain how this is achieved?

b) After a major shift in a trend line a technical analyst might expect a reversal to become apparent. One reversal pattern is called the head and shoulder pattern. Describe the main characteristics of a head and shoulder pattern that you would expect to become evident?

c) You know that there are at least five reasonably reliable generalisations that can be made when analysing trend lines. Briefly identify and explain these generalisations?

Reference no: EM131340273

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For calculation questions, marks will be awarded for the accuracy in the calculations, showing the right formulae to be used, the steps shown in arriving at the answers, the correct answers and any diagrams/timeline as required. For theory question, it should not be longer than 2 pages (or NOT more than 750 words) and students are to write essay type responses in your own words. Marks will be awarded for clarity of explanations and paraphrasing from other sources including the textbooks. Concise description and correctness of answers are also important together with any diagrams or figures where applicable. Percentage similarity less than 20%: If percentage similarity exceeds 20%, marks will be deducted based on a progressive scale. Research: If research results in additional information in your answers, marks will be awarded. Use of in-text referencing: Proper referencing and a reference list are needed. Overall presentation: Assignment is properly organised and set out.

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