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Compare/contrast service encounters at two fast-food restaurants (or other type of restaurant) that are competitors. Try to go to each place around the same-meal time throughout the week to compare the service process (briefly describe the 2 processes). Provide rough estimates for the average flow time, theoretical flow time, and the flow-time efficiency. Use little’s law or direct observation. You can spend 30 minutes in the restaurant, count the number of flow units entering the service line (double it to get flow units/hr. or R) and then determine the avg. number of customers in line over the 30 mins to determine I or you can track 5 customers from the time they enter the line to the time they get processed and avg. the 5 values. This provides Flow time. From here you can use the same principles to determine the remaining values. Finally, discuss the quality of customer service at both establishments and compare the two processes to one another.

Note: May want to convert to minutes instead of hours or you will have time in decimal values. 1000 words or less (keep your answer concise and to the point).

Reference no: EM132184957

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