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Consider Modern Active MBA, a periodical dedicated to selecting an MBA program and getting the most out of the experience. The publisher charges the Penn Bookstore $1.50 for each copy of MAMBA sold. It costs the publisher $0.35 to print and deliver each copy of the magazine. Left over copies are discarded at a cost of $0.05 per copy to the publisher. If it were up to the publisher, how many copies of a particular issue of MAMBA should the publisher stock at the bookstore when the forecast of demand is normally distributed with a mean of 40 and a standard deviation of 22?

Reference no: EM131030667

Discuss three barriers to effective oral communication

Discuss three barriers to effective oral communication and possible remedies. Discuss 3 views of organizational conflict. When is conflict "good?" When is conflict "bad?"

What is the average inventory in the system

The soy milk of Assignment 1 is now bottled and ows out of the production plant at a constant rate of 150lb/hr. The bottles each contain 0.5lbs soy equivalent of milk and all

Face in inventory management

Discuss some of the issues that a small pizza restaurant might face in inventory management. Would a pizza restaurant use a fixed order quantity or period system for fresh dou

Special individual tax identification number

Illegal immigrants are not eligible for Social Security benefits or the earned income tax credit. Since 1996, however, they can get a special Individual Tax Identification Num

Estimate percent increase in productivity

After installing a new process, the defect rate has been reduced to 5%, while output has remained the same. What is the percent increase in productivity due to installing the

Result in significant cost savings for the firm

You have been selected as the change agent for the implementation of a new AIS system that will ultimately affect the way all employees complete their daily tasks. This will r

The limitations environmental laws impose on businesses

Summarize the stanford's (2005) five phase process for an organizational design change ? What marketing decisions do marketing intermediaries make? Discuss four ways a close c

How can prime contractor protect his business

How can prime contractor protect his business when working with subcontractor? How can subcontractor develop business when working with a prime contractor? Is it possible to f


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