Mass percent composition of lithium in lithium oxide

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Question 1: The scientific method is a systematic way by which chemists try to understand our world. You may not be a scientist, but you certainly use the scientific method as part of your daily life. Summarize the scientific method IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and then describe an example from your own life of how you recently used each of the steps in your own life to confront/solve a problem, even if it wasn't in an official "scientific" capacity.

Questions 2: Would a hot apple turnover with frosting from Arby's rightfully be classified as a pure substance, or would it be a mixture? If it is a pure substance, classify it as an element or a compound. If it is a mixture, classify it as homogenous or heterogeneous. Explain your answer in detail and defend your choice(s).

Question 3: Chemistry really is another language sometimes. It abbreviates a lot, and chemical formulas are a way to write a little and still convey a lot of information. For example, consider the chemicals perchloric acid, cobalt (III) chloride, disulfur hexafluoride, and lithium hydroxide.

Translate these names into chemical formulas using the appropriate procedure described in the course text and my lecture material. Answer the following:

(1) What is the correct formula of each of these compounds?

(2) Explain how exactly (i.e. the procedure used) you arrived at your other words, walk me through your thinking. You will not receive credit if you don't show your work in detail.

Question 4: A 4.67 g piece of lithium completely reacts with a constant stream of oxygen to form 11.49 g of lithium oxide. Knowing this, calculate the mass percent composition of lithium in lithium oxide. You must show all work to receive credit.

Reference no: EM131183090

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