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1. Mass customization is most appropriate: for technology products in emerging markets. in industries with minimal competition. in markets where customers have homogeneous needs. for technology products where the cost of new versions is extremely low.

2. A good way to think about how to define your personal brand is to imagine what people might say about you when you leave the room. If you put yourself in that scenario, what are three (3) traits and three (3) skills that those in the room would recognize you for having? How do you think those traits and skills are beneficial to an employer?

Reference no: EM132185215

How public relations professional ethical codes

Use the first step in the PR process, research, to gather information on how public relations (PR) professional ethical codes, such as thePRSA Member Code of Ethics and IABC C

An example of social facilitation occurs when

Researchers have identified the tendency for increasing diversity among team members to create difficulties even as it offers improved potential for problem solving is known a

Different estimation alternatives for information systems

After Reading the ethics guide, discuss the merits of different estimation alternatives for information systems projects. Discuss the ethical issues involved in each alternati

The nature of work and jobs is changing

For many individuals, the nature of work and jobs is changing. Describe the changes you are currently going through (or went through for your job) and the reasons why. How are

Change to advertising objective throughout history

What is the process in society that made this change to advertising objective throughout history? What objective in the list of advertising objectives bears a qualitative chan

What is the maximum effective capacity of the system

What is the maximum effective capacity of the system in number of passengers per hour? The roller coaster at Treasure Island Amusement Park consists of 15 cars, each of which

Excellent financial standing-record of producing earnning

The term blue chip applies to stocks issued by a company in excellent financial standing with a record of producing earnings and paying dividends. Stocks in companies such as

How many kanban card sets are needed

Approximately five vehicles are produced each hour, and management has decided that 20 percent of expected demand should be maintained as safety stock. How many kanban card


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