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Course name: Marketing

Topic: Marketing study about Infinity model QX80

Increase Infiniti QX80 market share in UAE for big luxury SUV cars market by implementing market strategy for QX80 with main competitors.
Number of pages: 12-15 pages

Please consider on the report:
Statistics related to QX80 product with competitors in UAE

1 Cadillac Escalade
2 Lexus LX570
3 Infiniti QX80
4 Range Rover
5 Lincoln Navigators
? Market needs
? Market trends
? Market growth
Brand infinity Background globally, Middle east& specially in UAE
ii. Founded Date
iii. Brand Owner
iv. Availability in the Middle East
v. Market share globally
vi. QX80 lunched date

1. Product target?QX80/big SUV Luxury Car
vii. Features (check all features for QX80 from Infinity website for UAE)
viii. Infiniti QX80 Position inside Infiniti Brand
ix. Lunched date in Middle East
x. Others
2. Introduction about the 4 values "Economic, Functional, emotional & symbolic

3. Others...

C) Market Analysis:
1. Porter five forces ( Bargaining power of buyers , Bargaining power of supplier , threat of new entrance and threat of substitute & services and rivalry of existing competition )
3. Internal
i. SWOT for big luxury SUV cars in UAE Markets
2- External Analysis
3. Opportunities
4. Threats

3. Overview Market Analysis
i. Statistics related to Infiniti brand in UAE Market
1. Market Analysis "Size of the market, gaining or losing"
2. It should be parallel with players in the market, market share & Competitive Advantages
ii. Market Analysis by segmentation:
1. The need of the segment
2. What is the products in the market within the same product segment
a. QX80
b. LX570
c. Cadillac Escalate
d. Range Rover
e. Mercedes GL
3. Benefit
a. Passengers comfortability
b. Safety feature
c. Manufacturing warranty
d. brand
e. Others
4. User profile

iii. Competitive Landscape / Analysis

b. CA "Competitive Advantage
c. Vision, Mission &Values? Marketing objectives
E) Marketing Mix:
d. Positioning statement that the customers will recognize you according to it ("Ex: king of the desert / Imagination Luxury at desert ")
e. Tactics "CRM = Customer relation management"
i. Increase Market Share
ii. Increase product durability
iii. Boost customer base
iv. Track cost & value
v. Others
f. Elaborate CRM= Sales, Order, Support & Marketing.
g. Elaborate 4c's model (Customer, cost, communication & convince)
h. Proposed strategy including the 7 P's

4. Consumer purchasing behavior
5. Purchase/Response
6. Recommendations:

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The main concern of the assignment is to introduce a marketing plan for Infinity QX80. The main task of the assignment is to have a clear idea of the ways in which the product needs to be marketed. It is important to analyse the core competitors of the product, different ways of facing competition, ways of attracting customers and building a market. Infinity QX80 is originally a new name given to QX56 model and is a full sized sport utility vehicle. Some of the main competitors of Infinity QX80 are Cadillac Escalade, Lexus LX570, Infinity QX56, Range Rover and Lincoln Navigators. Basically this assignment deals with the studies related to the attractiveness and dynamics of the other vehicles in the same industry.

Reference no: EM131274203

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